Hotel Quality Bedding - Where Do You Get It?

There’s no feeling like checking into a luxury hotel ready to indulge and relax. Settling down into a huge bed with a super comfortable mattress in a beautifully decorated room is one of life’s real treats.

And perhaps an understated piece of the comfort puzzle when it comes to 5 star hotels is the bedding. We can all tell the difference between rough feeling polyester and high quality cotton. And luxury hotels around the world often indulge their guests with incredibly high thread count cotton for the ultimate in comfort.

But what is hotel quality bedding and how do you get your hands on it?

Taking a Bit of the 5 Star Feeling Home

Online retail has opened the doors for consumers to bring a taste of the 5 star hotel feeling home. From fixtures and fittings to “hotel room scents,” you can now buy pretty much anything you’d find in a high end hotel room. So you can start to build in some of that 5 star hotel feeling at home.

And this is one of the things we’re most proud of - bringing hotel quality bedding online at an affordable cost.

What Constitutes Hotel Quality Bedding?

There isn’t a single standard for hotel quality bedding. Each hotel will choose its own bedding and, generally, you can expect more luxury linens in more expensive/luxurious hotels.

In terms of 100% cotton bedding on the market, you can get anything from a 100 thread count upwards.

Ours is 500 thread count, giving a strong weave and a super soft finish. This is in keeping with many high end hotels.

But instead of spending several hundred pounds per night, you can buy your own luxury bedding bundle from as little as £125.

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